Imagine focusing only on the shoot, without having to find clients, working where and when you want. And joining a large network of photographers and videomakers from all over Europe.
As you think about how great it would be, apply: the set is waiting for you.

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How it works

Accept the request, carry out the shooting, send us the material and get the predetermined payment immediately.


You will receive a specific request with details about the shooting to be done.


Accept the assignment, meet the client, and carry out the shoot.


Deliver the raw material. We will take care of postproduction.


Each end of the month you will receive the payment for all shoots made during the month.

Collaborators plus #1

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From Wesual's ability to network, Untolds was born, a "relational" webmag with the aim of presenting and enhancing the authorial projects of the community of photographers.

Exhibitions, studio visits, archives and foundations are the stages of a narrative made to tell more or less known stories, to reveal the "untold," the unspoken that lies behind every story.

Community, Stories and Technical Hints are the three sections that make up Untolds style.


What do they say about us?

"Communications are always timely. The post production department is always available for clarification. I like the fact that you don't always do the same work, but can vary from Adv shoots, to real estate photography and events. Payments are always on time and accurate."

Claudio Bugatti


"Good working mode, excellent communication,
kind and above all human."

Andrea Brandino


"I can definitely feel satisfied.
All the staff are always friendly and helpful."

Omar Tomaino


"We can only have good words for Wesual, a serious company, with a very well designed management system, and with a great team behind it."

Lemuel Calvo


"Appointment management is always precise and there is always utmost politeness in communication. Same in contacts with post-production.
Payments always on time."

Sandra Quagliata


"I have been working with Wesual for more than two years now, and I am very happy with it! Both in terms of management, organization and distribution of work.
For me they are a guarantee."

Chiara Giancamilli


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