Become an event photographer in 3 easy steps

Conferences, concerts, parties and special occasions, corporate meetings. Events that differ in type but share the same goal: to share, with one's community, an idea, a project, a goal achieved or to be achieved. To meet the needs of those who want to best communicate their "day," Wesual 's professionals provide their experience and professionalism in the field. For those who, on the other hand, would like to approach the world of event photography, we have gathered some guidelines to follow in order to best tell the story of important moments through the eloquence and expressiveness of photography.

1. Preparation

The event starts even before the dancing begins. Preparation, both of the space and of the necessary equipment, is one of the essential points for a successful photo shoot. First, focus on the equipment. A full frame camera, a standard zoom lens, and an external flash are the working tools that make up the basic kit from which to start, to which you can add wide angle, telephoto, and bright fixed focal length lenses. One important recommendation: make sure you have free memory cards and don't forget to charge the batteries the day before. No room for distraction!


Last but not least-theattire. Not that of the guests, of course, but of the photographer. Comfort and practicality in movement, combined withelegance and restraint, are essential elements for an event photographer. We recommend the choice of dark-colored clothing (black or gray is a good option) that does not overshadow the real stars of the event and gives the photographer good mobility without sacrificing the formality befitting the type of event.


2. Photo shooting

Framing, flash and shooting. It all boils down to these three words.
Here are the steps to focus on to achieve the best possible result:


The first tip is to offer the client a wide choice of shots, from the establishing shot-showing the location where the event is taking place-to close-ups on the pivotal figures of the event. The all for the part is the principle that guides the choice of subjects and places to be photographed: don't forget to show, in addition to the protagonists taken individually, interactions between small groups of people, group photos, as well as the most aesthetically pleasing or interesting highlights or details.


Shooting and exposure mode

Every photographer has his or her own preferences on how to set the camera. We at Wesual recommend that you manually set the ISO and use aperture priority. Just remember to check your shots from time to time to assess whether the settings need to be changed.


Light is the key ingredient without which there would be no photography. Wesual's advice is to make the most of natural light-which has the most interesting aesthetic results-without, however, abandoning the idea of using artificial light whenever deemed necessary to enhance the expressive effect of the photo or to intervene in low-light and/or high-contrast situations. When photographing an indoor event, it is generally recommended to use an external flash that can be bounced off a white ceiling or wall.


3. Short story

We at Wesual have told you how, now it's up to you to decide on the style of storytelling. Whatever the type of event, remember that every event holds special importance for someone. Try to understand, deepen and interpret the client's needs and expectations, even if it means asking the subject to repeat a particularly important gesture (an award ceremony or handshake) or participants to gather for a group photo.


Set up a meeting with the client or simply exchange ideas and information with him; define the cut with him and make sure you understand whether the photos are intended for a press review, social channels or a personal album. Your shooting style should vary accordingly, so that the photographic narrative is given the tones of an indelible narrative.

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