The importance of photography in e-commerce

E-commerce has undoubtedly become a phenomenon of absolute relevance, a priority channel for customer relations, made possible by increasingly smart and accessible technology. This is confirmed by the Milan Polytechnic's eCommerce B2c Netcomm Observatory, according to which eCommerce will reach 22.7 billion in 2020 (4.7 billion more than in 2019).

And as was to be expected, the lockdown contributed greatly to the explosion of an already steadily growing phenomenon, especially for Food&Grocery (+56 percent) and Furniture and Home Living (+30 percent), two of the main sectors in which Wesual's corporate offerings are best expressed.

To attract buyers and retain them, how important is image?

In the case of e-commerce, it could be said to be everything. At the heart of thepurchase, in the online experience, is not the product, but its the image. In the absence of tactile, olfactory and visual experience, everything relies on the persuasive power of thephotographic image. The attractiveness potential of the image is the input that can trigger the desire to purchase, impulse or otherwise.

But how can an image replace actual experience?

Quality and accuracy are the two requirements that a product photograph must meet for the result to be a winning one. While photography as a buying experience implies a quality image, capable of attracting, engaging and intriguing the customer, it must also respond to reality, enhancing the characteristics of the product to the best of its ability, thus helping to build a relationship of trust between the seller and the buyer. The correctness of the image with the product is crucial in order to avoid unpleasant surprises for the end customer and increase the sense of trust towards the brand and the seller of the product.

How to photograph a product correctly?

The scrupulous preparation of the photographic set and the choice of the most appropriate equipment and lighting for the product are the foundations for an excellent end result to which are added the experience and eye of someone who knows how to enhance the characteristics and essentiality of the product. Photographing the object from the right perspective, presenting it in its entirety, also focusing on the details, enhancing its qualities and characteristics that define its value, are the factors that contribute to making the buying and selling experience rewarding for both, seller and customer.

Why choose Wesual?

Wesual combines the quality standards of professional photography with the needs of those who wish to best communicate their corporate image and their universe of values. The professionalism of our photographers, all selected by an in-house team of experts, and the use of advanced equipment and software for post-production and digital processing, make Wesual an excellent choice for those who wish, through photography, to achieve or improve sales performance and grow their business.

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