Eating with the eyes. Food photography and delivery

End of the day. You wonder how you got there alive and think that all you want is to eat a dish that, in addition to your taste buds, can delight all your senses. Smartphone in hand, you start flipping through the digital pages of endless menus. Which images do you dwell on? The blurry, improvised ones taken from a cell phone, or those with original storytelling and immersive enough to engage the user in a true sensory experience that goes far beyond the purchase?

Photos of tempting dishes that look good on food delivery platforms are the best calling card of restaurants, gourmet labs, pizzerias, and eateries that offer their customers one of the most sacred and pleasurable experiences, gastronomy.

While even before the health crisis by Covid-19, the world of food delivery was steadily increasing, many restaurants, pizzerias, and clubs have since converted to home delivery or intensified their online offerings, leading to an 80 percent growth in demand for professional food photography in the last quarter.

Already an industry on the rise, food delivery has found photography to be a valuable tool for increasing sales and customer satisfaction. Indeed, if it is true that it has also to be beautiful at sight, in the case of food delivery, a professional photograph can say more than a thousand words. It is in fact statistically proven that 80 percent of people remember what they see, while only 20 percent remember what they read. Where words fail, images take care of it, photos of dishes with anattractive appearance that satisfy those who appreciate not only the quality of good food, but also its presentation and attention to detail.

But what are the ingredients behind successful food photography?

  1. First of all, the value it places on food, no longer considered only the function of its being a source of nourishment, but an element of pleasure. To help enrich the experience of choosing and eating food with meaning, communication must be based above all on its aesthetic and visual attributes: it is not selling products, but emotions, those same emotions that lead consumers to buy one product rather than another.
  2. For the image to be striking, impactful, and rich in blur, context, attention to detail, and careful selection of colors are some of the elements that will make your food photos different from all others and appealing. To achieve a winning result, field experience and quality equipment make all the difference.
  3. Once the photograph is taken, we are only 50 percent of the way through the finished work. Set preparation and shooting is followed by the post production phase, which is essential to make the images even brighter and technically successful, without sacrificing their truthfulness or consistency.

If you still had any doubts, a professional food photography service is what can make the difference for compositions to eat with your eyes.

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