From Wesual's ability to network, Untolds is born

From Wesual's ability to network, Untolds is born, as a "relational" webmag with the aim of presenting and enhancing the authorial projects of the photographers' community, putting them in dialogue with the themes and techniques of contemporary photography. From the prominent names that have made history, up to the latest expressive trends and tendencies.

As an intermediator startup, It's been crucial for Wesual to engage both communities of collaborators and clients in a more proactive conversation in order to optimize the brand positioning and also to solidify a stronger corporate identity.

The first step toward this goal has been to foster professional relations between our community and the company itself which happens through creating valid communicative channels and entering into an active dialogue with them. 

UNTOLDs is a webmag and video production project developed by Wesual to support the community of photographers, providing them with related professional contents and updates. This webmag is mainly dedicated to photography in all its forms. From blog articles to technical hints, open calls, masterclasses as well as featuring great photographers' hidden archives through video storytelling means. 

There are four main sections to our webmag platform:


Behind every picture there is an untold story to tell. Untolds project is aimed at spotlighting prominent photographers' stories as well as their photographic careers and hidden archives by means of storytelling videos.

Untolds website (


One of the platform's main goals is to promote the community's potentials in terms of featuring their personal or artistic photographic projects and achievements not only to take the quality of our collaboration with them to a new level, but also to promote photography not only as a commercial mean but also as an effective editorial and artistic tool for further authorial projects and inter-institutional collaborations. 

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The photographers we like, the exhibitions we don't want to miss, the perspectives that attract us. Stories section is everything that finds space in an atlas of images and words.

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Technical Hints

This section is dedicated to masterclasses and technical hints as ways of updating our community's technical know-hows.

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